1 min readHow blind spots of critical thinking is distorting our collective intuitions of plausibility

What are movies like Her and Ex_Machina doing to modern societies? Why is a website like Fully Human important in unraveling the truth behind machine consciousness?

In this 2018 article for The Scientific American, Bernardo Kastrup explains how materialistic science has led us to believe that consciousness can be replicated. He also explains that while our technology can emulate consciousness, it cannot equate to the same thing. In contradiction to panpsychism [read There Are Minds Everywhere, Except In AI to understand the concept of panpsychism], Kastrup stresses that inanimate objects cannot be conscious objects.

Implications for AI

Entertainment media is slowly desensitizing our societies so that regular citizens can willingly accept the granting of civil liberties to machines. But scientists know that conscious machines are not plausible, and whatever consciousness a machine displays, it is no more than an emulation of the capacity.

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