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The earth may no longer be at the center of the universe, but we, human beings are more than just chemical scum. We are special. Here’s how we know.

Copernicus may have kicked the Earth from the center of the universe, but Howard Smith, astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center believes that humanity is still special. In this short article for The Washington Post, Smith looks at the scientific evidences which points to the reality that humans are not just “chemical scum”, and that perhaps, there is an important cosmic role that we must play.

Implications for AI

The more we look out into the universe, the more we are forced to look within, to discover who we are, and the role we play in the evolution of the earth. Astrophysics and astronomy has enabled us to see far beyond what our senses can reach, but it has also forced us to accept that we are not accidental creations, and that perhaps, there is a greater purpose to our existence.

Materialist science is negating all of astrophysics’ discoveries. It insists on a science that is based only on what is measurable. It insists on a culture that is based on the purely physical. But we know, out of this reading, that there is so much more for us to discover. If our species continues to go against nature’s path, then we will imprison ourselves in a meaningless world.

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