1 min readHow the world of quantum possibilities give rise to objective reality

How does the world of possibilities translate to material reality? This research by Wojciech Zurek shows us the way.

In this article for Quanta Magazine, author Philip Ball reports on the results of the 1980 experiment conducted by Wojciech Zurek which tries to explain how decoherence (the transition from quantum possibilities to classical reality) happens. It introduces the idea of quantum darwinism, a process in the quantum world that is analogous to natural selection in evolution. According to the theory, information about a quantum system is imprinted and multiplied, and those systems that are able to imprint and multiply the most and the fastest, are able to manifest materially.

Implications for AI

If the quantum world is affected by the observer, and the observer has a certain mindset, then that mindset is multiplied and imprinted in the quantum system. The mindset becomes manifest and it shapes our realities.

This article shows us that there is a way to change our personal and societal realities. The key here is to focus on the kind of change we want to create – to imprint and multiply the vision in the quantum system so that a seemingly impossible change in our societies can break through.

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