1 min readHow our thoughts can change our lives

We humans have superpowers. These powers lie without ourselves, and can be unlocked when we begin the understand how the world works, and how we can better interact with the world.

In this 2013 article by Ozgun Atasoy for The Scientific American, we discover how our own expectations can help us perform extraordinary feats. By citing various studies, Atasoy shows us the real power of the placebo effect, and drives home the point that our mindsets determine our material reality.

Implications for AI

Transhumanism promises us these three things: super intelligence, super health, and immortality. With the attached article, it becomes clear that we, human beings already have the these promises built into our biology. What we need to know now is how we can unlock these “super powers” so that we may be able to achieve our full potential, and fulfill the task we were meant to do in the world.

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