1 min readDeepak Chopra interviews Robert Lanza about biocentrism

Our universe was created by consciousness, every Eastern tradition has taught this knowledge for decades.

In this 2009 interview between Deepak Chopra and Robert Lanza, we are introduced to the idea that in order to understand the universe, we can begin by looking at life and consciousness. From the transcript, we discover that as early as 2009, some “impossible” technologies such as the regeneration of entire organs were already available, and that academics were already seeing that the world of science was changing. Aside from biocentrism, Lanza and Chopra also discussed the implications of the findings of new physics to human life.

Implications for AI

Biocentrism is not an anthropocentric notion. Instead, it shows us that human life has meaning, and that who we are goes beyond the physical body that houses our consciousness.

Though consciousness studies are underway, we are still unable to understand where it is coming from. This inability to unravel the mystery of consciousness may be attributed to several things, including the possibility that the tools we use to measure it (and the science that produced these tools) are limited, and that our own physical brain, at its present state has no capacity to reveal the transcendent nature of consciousness.

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