1 min readErvin Lazlo on the new concepts of matter, life, and the mind

All of matter and life emerged out of the same cosmic womb. We are linked to the mind of others in nature, and to the biosphere of the earth itself. If our minds are in chaos, it is no wonder that nature, too, is in chaos.

In this essay written for PhysLink.Com Ervin Lazlo discusses  his insights about matter, life, and the human mind in light of the new advances in the natural sciences. Lazlo says that there is no “absolute matter”, only an absolute energy field that is able to generate matter. He also says that life is an interaction between wave packets commonly referred to as “matter” and an underlying quantum field which connects all living beings. In this same field where life has emerged out of non-life, mind and consciousness was also birthed. This, he says is the source of the deep interconnections between life and nature. 

Implications for AI

The chaos in the world today is widespread. It can be felt in the social unrest that plagues our societies,  the increasing number of millennials committing suicide, and the degradation of our planet. This is proof of what Lazlo was referring to: the field wherein all of matter and life has emerged. If we wish to solve the problem in our societies, we must realize that the solution must be enacted in this same field. When we change our mindsets to acknowledge the interconnections between life and non-life, between matter and all of the universe’s creation, then we can expect a radical shift in our social and physical realities.

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