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Electromagnetic force (EMF) pollution is real. It is poisoning our environment, and causing a number of serious diseases. Learn how you can protect your family and yourself by joining this series of free online seminar.

While cellphones and Wi-Fi routers emit a relatively low radiation, the sheer increase in the number of these devices present in our environment has increased the risk. With the arrival of the first 5G-capable smartphones, and the first 5G networks expected to be rolled out in 2019, the risk has just skyrocketed. 5G is expected to operate under a new spectrum utilizing 6 to 300 GHz, it is expected to create even more disturbance, not only to human physiology, but to all life on earth. To help you imagine, a microwave oven emits 2.4 GHz of radiation. Multiply the radiation from a microwave oven 125 times, and you get the amount of radiation of only one 5G mast.

Based on tests, 5G networks will probably need multiple masts per area to decrease latency. Hence, depending on where you are, you might have three or more 5g masts, each one emitting radiation the equivalent of 125 microwave ovens operating at the same time. [See articles on the health risks of 5G and the results of various 5G experiments]

With the growing body of scientific research showing the health impact of the prolonged use of devices that emit EMF countries are taking steps at reducing exposure among children by banning cellphones and Wi-fi in schools. But if you are living in a country where there is no alarm concerning EMF, or in a community where the wi-fi is always on, how can you protect yourself from its damaging effects?

The EMF Health Summit hopes to equip all internet users with the strategies to protect yourselves from EMF exposure, as well as help you regain their health. Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dietrich Klinghart, and Frank Clegg (formerly of Microsoft Canada) will be joined by other professionals in the discussions.

The EMF Health Summit is a free online event, and will run from December 9 to 15, 2018.

Update 7/22/2019

The EMF Health Summit offers free webinars and it happens annually. The 2019 edition was concluded last June 20, 2019. Check back on their website periodically, or sign up to their newsletters to get updates on when the next EMF Health Summit will be.

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