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The new sciences highlight the need to understand consciousness. But what does this new understanding mean for health and psychology?

Some aspects of this article written by Gary Schwartz echoes the ideas of Bruce Greyson [see Near-Death Experiences And Their Implications For Post-Materialist Psychology], but this work covers so much more. Here, Schwartz also examines whether consciousness has intention, and whether it is possible for individuals intuitively receive information from the “spirit” world, and whether this information can be used in real life situations. Schwartz also considers the relationship between spirituality and health, as well as the implications of his emerging paradigm in psychology and medicine. 

Implications for AI

The chaos we are experiencing in the world today is but an indication of a new world that is being born. In this new world, a new kind of science is needed – a science that pays attention to the unique capacities bestowed to us by our mind and consciousness. Accepting the emergence of this new science will allow us to evolve our own behavior and bring forth a new society that has a fuller understanding of the world and the path to evolution it wants to take.

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