1 min readCan robots learn to love?

Hanson Robotics and LovingAI are trying to build a version of Sophia that knows how to love. Will they be successful?

In this 2018 article for Forbes, Zara Stone talks about her experience talking to an “emotional” Sophia, a version of the robot which utilized emotional states from OpenCog and LovingAI. Stone explains to us how scientists are trying to code unconditional love, as well as how such code can be used with physical embodiments in order for humans to feel guided, reflected, and heard. This article shows us exactly how scientists are trying to resolve the alignment problem. Will lines of code be enough to create an AI that can love humans? Stone says that the project is still a long way to go. One thing is for sure though, the robot experience of unconditional love is programmed love, let us not confuse it with the real thing. 

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