1 min readCan our self-conscious minds save us from ourselves?

We hold the answer to our generation’s problems. Will we have the will to turn the tide around?

The following article is an excerpt from The Deep History of Ourselves written by Joseph LeDoux. In this work, LeDoux introduces to us the autonoetically conscious human, how it evolved, and what its characteristics are. It also shows us how we can address the challenges that beset out current generation through the positive activation of our autonoetic minds, and in the process, create a cognitive and cultural evolution.

Implications for AI

Human beings have the capacity to change the world, and this capacity is embedded (and manifested) by our capacity for self reflection. In the same way that our autonoetic minds has led us to the dark side, it can lead us back on the right track. But we must be conclusive and decisive, in order to address our society’s problems.

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