1 min readBlack holes may be full of dark energy

We thought that because black holes form from the deaths of supermassive stars, it would be made up of 100% normal matter and 0% dark matter. Research shows, however, that which we call black holes are actually pools of dark matter. How will this discovery change the story of the universe?

We were once told that inside a black hole is a singularity – a point with so much gravitational pull that light cannot escape, where space and time converges. In a new research published by the Astrophysical Journal, Kevin Croker and his colleagues at the University of Hawaii shows that the math does not support this claim. The only way the Friedmann’s equations work is when black holes are assumed to actually be made of dark energy [read The Mystery Of The Invisible Universe to know about dark energy].

Implications for AI

This work is important because it shows us that with the advances in our technology, scientific ideas we once held to be absolute truths are already being challenged today. A paradigm shift, truly is happening. Even in a highly materialistic approach to the study of the universe, scientists refuse to look at the empirical and mathematical proof. This is not what real science is about.

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