1 min readArizona State University receives funding to make sense of spirituality in the age of techno science

The dichotomy between science and religion has ended. So, what’s next?

Just this September 2019, the Arizona State University (ASU) announced that it has received a $1.7 million grant from the Templeton Religious Trust. The project, entitled Beyond Secularization: A New Approach to Religion, Science, and Technology, aims to look at the underlying assumptions behind current scientific researches, as well as develop new models for understanding (and creating) progress.

Principal investigators of the project will look at how the dialogue between science and religion operate in the public domain. Some of the questions they hope to answer include: What does it mean to be a being in a finite body? Can we overcome our own frailty and cure aging? What is the role of bioengineering, and how will it change the way we define our humanity? Details on the beginning and duration of the project will be announced later.

Implications for AI

This research pioneered by the ASU will be a first systematic effort at consolidating what we already know about the human being and his environment, as well as understanding our changing environment, and what these changes mean for future generations. It is one of the first researches to recognize the shift in scientific paradigm, and will hopefully, mainstream a new way of doing science.

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