1 min readThe Past, Present and Future of AI

This 2018, artificial intelligence will reshape the world as we know it. It all begins in the economic sphere, where a huge amount of jobs will be automated. But what else can happen this year?

This podcast aired by WBEZ, a non-profit radio station based in Chicago looks at the past, present and future of AI in order to address the big questions: What is the difference between humans and machines? Can we design machines that will care about our well being? Can we make them ethical in the first place?


Are You There Siri? It's Me, Margaret: A Look at The Rapidly Changing World of AI

Are You There Siri? It’s Me, Margaret: A Look at The Rapidly Changing World of AI

Happy New Year from The Takeaway! As we take our first steps into the year 2018, we are diving into a rapidly changing technology that has the ability to completely reshape our future: Artificial intelligence. Here’s what you’ll find during this special


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