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1 min readWhat’s love got to do with consciousness?

Love is the essential ingredient for transforming our world and saving our earth.

While there is some acceptance of the nonlocality of the human mind, the mention of love in scientific inquiries remain a taboo. In this article for Explore, Larry Dossey says that this is a mistake, as love and empathy are biologically built in to all humans. When the mind behaves non-locally, researchers have found that love is always involved. And when minds and hearts are united, Dossey says, they are able to achieve feats which are impossible when working alone. 

Implications for AI

There is a reason why people who have near death experiences (NDEs) and mystical experiences always point to a feeling of unbounded love. It is the emotion that springs when we have tapped into the One Mind. 

Imagine then, working in a space which recognizes the non-locality of consciousness and the immanence of love. Will it be a surprise that one who works in this condition would want the best for entire societies, if not the entire planet?

It is unthinkable for a person who is one with all consciousness, with love, to destroy nature, to disregard the rights of others, or to consider other beings as “tools” because it is equal to disrepecting and destroying one’s self. 

This is the reason why recognizing the non-locality of consciousness and protecting the capacity of human beings for empathy (and love) is essential. It is the missing ingredient to merely “changing” societies to “transforming” them towards the future. 

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