1 min readTransforming the language of death

We must change the way we speak about death and dying.

The following is a 22-minute interview with Stephen Jenkinson and was made public on Uplift Podcast on April 24, 2017. Jenkinson is a former leader of a palliative care team. He says that death is a “wondrous and empowering mystery”, which can be supported in a positive process.

Jenkinson says that our fear of death does not come from our inability to talk about death and dying, but rather, on our inability to see its purpose. He says that our consumerist societies are awash with a new kind of poverty where we are surrounded by goods which were not designed to support the need for meaning and purpose of human life.

Editor’s Note: It is appropriate to talk about death again during this time of panic, for after all, it is the fear of death that led our governments illogical decisions that brought even greater suffering to people.

The transhumanist movement is probably the biggest expression of humanity’s refusal to accept that dying is a natural way of life. But what is the price that we must pay for gaining eternal life?

Jenkinson’s interview offers to us a new way of looking and talking about death. He shows us how a respect for the process of death can lead us towards a life full of purpose and devoid of fear.

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