2 min readThe social dilemma: The calculated destruction of the social

According to Cory Morningstar, The Social Dilemma is no more than a public relations ploy.

The following is part 1 of a three-part series written by Cory Morningstar for the Wrong Kind of Green. In this first article, Morningstar introduces us the documentary, The Social Dilemma, released last September 9, 2020 on Netflix, which looks at the dangers of social networking. But Morningstar goes deeper and looks at the motive surrounding the creation of the documentary. She says that The Social Dilemma is nothing more than a public relations strategy enabling them to gain control of public behavior.

By tracing the interconnections between various tech companies, non-government organizations, and the media, Morningstar reveals how the architecture for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is being made away from public view with the help of the very people who we think are resolving our concerns about tech use.

The Social Dilemma’s failure to speak about the important issues relating to technology today is a cover up. She says, “Without 5G, the Fourth Industrial Revolution architecture, as sought by the ruling class, will collapse like a house of cards. These deliberate omissions represent the most egregious form of climate denialism that goes largely unchallenged. To call for human technology while making no mention of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is an impossible oversight. We are being conditioned to accept, and even demand, the very infrastructure and said ‘solutions’ that the states, serving the ruling classes, wishes to impose on us. This is social engineering en masse.”

Editor’s Note: Morningstar’s article is a reminder that freedom comes at a high price. There is no one person, no one organization, no one solution we can rely on. The need to awaken our full humanity has never been more urgent than today, while the digitalization of the world is only at its beginning stages and while we still remember the warmth and joy of real human intimacy.

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