1 min readThe quantum cosmology of the mind

Without consciousness, quantum theory is insufficient in explaining the existence of the universe.

In this 2011 article published by the Journal of Cosmology, Chris Clarke explores the various role consciousness plays in quantum mechanics. Clarke asserts that without consciousness, quantum theory is insufficient in explaining life and other mysteries of the universe. Without consciousness, the universe would remain homogenous and sterile.

Implications for AI

The universe may have been created by the Big Bang, but without consciousness, life would not have been able to flourish anywhere in this universe. Clarke shows us that consciousness was not created merely as a way for humans to experience. Instead, consciousness is boundless, it operates outside of the universe, and is the very thing that organizes it. Viewed his way, several mysteries of science begins to make sense – near death and other out-of-body experiences, the expanding universe, the creation of life, to name a few. 

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