1 min readThe impetus for creating generalized intelligence has arrived

Experts thought that It will take AGI 45 years to be developed, but if more AI developers focus on this endeavor, can this lead to the emergence of an AGI within our lifetimes?

In this article for Wired, Tom Simonite brings to us an important message from  leaders in the field of AI: AI development is about to hit a wall, and it can’t resolve the problem with more computing power and data. The call now is the creation of new learning algorithms that can devise their own learning algorithms, an emerging field now known as meta learning. Several efforts have already been made towards this direction [Alpha Go Zero Shows How Close We Are To Generalization Of Artificial Intelligence, Google’s Artificial Intelligence Built An AI That Outperforms Any Made By Humans], but individuals like Blaise Aguera y Arcas and Yoshua Bengio think that AI developers need to move away from narrow AI to the development and discovery of generalized AI (also known as AGI).

[In a previous article published on this website, several AI developers already predicted that AGI will emerge in the next 5 to 10 years, read about it here Experts Believe That AGI Will Be Achieved In 5 To 10 Years].

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