1 min readSubhash Kak: Consciousness is not just computation

If there is a unique quality in humans that can never be reproduced in intelligent machines, it is awareness.

In a previous article, we mentioned that our brain cannot process information like computers [see Your Brain Is Not A Computer]. In the interview attached, computer scientist Subhash Kak reiterates this view, but he stresses on the unique qualities of humans which can never be reproduced in intelligent machines – awareness.

Implications for AI

Kak is regarded as a “historical revisionist” in India because of his work on the scientific soundness of Vedic traditions and beliefs [read The Science of Consciousness According To Vedic Literature for an example of his work]. This, despite this own contributions to science.

This speaks a lot about how materialistic science has been prejudiced against traditions. In the process, it has disregarded an important part of human history which may be the key to unlocking the fully human.

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