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The elites are planning to control your brain. Brain decoding is the first step.

The following article was written and published by Dr. Joseph Mercola last December 8, 2020. In it, Mercola reminds us of the 2016 meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) wherein panelists explored the idea of decoding brains. A remark of one of the panelists, Jack Gallant of the Gallant Lab at UC Berkeley reveals the materialist mindset that pervades the meeting: “Anything that’s in current conscious awareness can be decoded, it’s just a matter of [finding the] technologies to do so”. 

Mercola also details in this article the various possible applications of brain decoding and explores why it could be detrimental for human freedom.

Editor’s Note: It is clear from the exchanges in the WEF that they believe that our being human can be decoded by looking at our brains. There is nothing here that acknowledges the new researches and discoveries in neuroscience and consciousness studies [see some articles about these topics at article categories Consciousness Studies and Neuroscience]. 

Coupled with the massive censorship online, technocrats will seek to amend our belief systems and convince us that there is nothing beyond our physical existence, and that our brains predetermine who we are. No wonder the WEF thinks that if they can understand our brains, they will be able to control us. 

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New World Order Ready to Decode Your Brain

New World Order Ready to Decode Your Brain

Eerie snippets from the WEF meeting detail research underway to decode your thoughts, read your mind and even use your own thoughts against you in a court of law.


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