1 min readKabbalah as explained by quantum physics

Jewish spiritual beliefs are now being supported by scientific research.

In several articles published by this website, we have seen how quantum physics and the new sciences are providing the scientific bases for the concepts and beliefs of old-world traditions [see The Science of Consciousness According to Vedic Literature to know how Vedic literature is highly scientific, The Connection Between Science And Religion to explore the scientific basis of Christianism, and How Particle Physics Enables Us To See The World In A New Perspective for Buddhism].

In this article written by Fred Reiss, we are introduced to a new book written by Eduardo Shyfrin which talks about how the Kabbalist beliefs may be understood through a quantum physics and the Theory of Information.

Implications For AI

Spiritual traditions are experiencing a resurgence, thanks to the new findings of scientific research. Finally, we are starting to see the patterns in nature, and various spiritual traditions are recognizing its relationship with science. Are we in the process of putting together the various pieces of the puzzle of what it means to be human?

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