1 min readIs our universe the product of a cosmic roulette?

Why are we here? Transhumanist answers: because in any other universe, we simply wouldn’t be around to wonder why we didn’t exist.

Transhumanists acknowledge the mystery of life. But devoid of the deeper appreciation for the human experience, they are bound to explain the fine tuning of the universe as mere luck. This article shows us how in some materialistic sciences, mere “credentials” give authority to pronouncements that are circular and illogical.

Whatever explanation one might create about the creation of the universe, it must consider the fact that humans, with all our frailties and untapped potentials, exist. Invoking the multiverse explanation requires one to understand the implications of quantum theory, the centrality of consciousness, and of course, the unique role that humans play in the creation of the universe [read the article Are The Laws Of The Universe Fine-Tuned For Life? to gain an alternative understanding of the Anthropic Principle].

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