2 min readExpert: AI can bring people back to life using selfies and 3D clones

If given the chance, would you resurrect your departed loved one back to life?

Technology expert Eugenia Kuyda says that AI will soon be able to bring people back to life. She adds that humans will only need to show the deceased person’s photo and the AI will be able to create a 3D model.

Kuyda actually created a chat bot in 2016 that allowed her to talk to her departed bestfriend, Roman Mazurenko. To train the bot, Kuyda uploaded more than 10,000 text exchanges between her and Mazurenko.

Editor’s Note: If given the chance, would you resurrect your departed loved one back to life? This is a question I [the website admin] have grappled with many times since the death of my mother in 2018. Despite experiencing the extreme sadness that comes with grieving, I have came to the conclusion that my mother’s death is not the end of her life, but the beginning of her life in a new form.

This conclusion comes after realizing that human consciousness does not die, and that there is an entire world that cannot be accessed by our bodies which are bound to this earth. Perhaps this is a reality that cannot be accepted by the materialists, for after all, this world, the physical, is the only one they live in.

Is the chatbot created by Ms. Kuyda still her bestfriend? For me, the chatbot is nothing more than a memory of a beloved, physicalized. It cannot replace the memory of my mother I have etched in my mind and in my heart. It will never be able to replace the pain of losing my beloved. In fact it exacerbates the pain, as it only reminds that her physical existence is gone.

The idea that while her body has died, but her consciousness is alive and well, brings happiness. That despite not being able to experience her in the physical realm, I will have a chance to meet her in the field of consciousness that she now inhabits, gives hope. To explore the idea of life after death read Does consciousness continue after death?, Research shows, near death experiences are real and Imants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge speak about the Transcendent Mind. Also read Why you might never be able to upload your brain to a computer.

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