1 min readEurope Is Building An Unhackable Internet

Europe is building an unhackable internet, and their solution is truly remarkable.

As more and more netizens express concern over the security of their data, researchers at Qu Tech in Delft, Amsterdam are bent on developing an unhackable quantum internet. Their solution? Quantum teleportation which is based on a phenomenon called quantum entanglement.

Qu Tech researchers are rushing towards the implementation of a four-city quantum network by 2020, but they still have a long  way to go before their target is met. The company’s results will be used by the European project, the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) which aims to “build a quantum internet between any two points on Earth”.

Questions to Reflect On

  • Will this technology be widely available to everyone?
  • How can it affect national security?
  • How will tech developers deal with government insisting on backdoor access points?

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