1 min readDoes religion have a place in the future of humanity?

Even though our world is becoming high tech, religion and spirituality will always have a place within our societies. But in order for it to be relevant to the modern man, religions fo the future must incorporate four important characteristics.

In this 2006 article for the international symposium entitled LSD: Problem Child and Wonder Drug, Stanley Krippner and professor of psychology Alan Watts explored the purpose of religion, and why it lost its place in modern society.

Krippner and Watts asserts that religion and spiritual experiences are part of humanity’s genetic legacy. It will never go away, but it needs to transform if it will continue to provide meaning to the modern human. Through this article, Krippner and Watts says that religions of the future must incorporate four elements in order for it to be relevant. 

Implications for AI

Materialists try to find a material explanation for all mysteries in the world, hence eliminating the esoteric in the lives of humans. But we know, intuitively, that there is something more than our physical existence. We seek for purpose and meaning in our lives, and despite what science says, we try to find higher truths about the world, and our fellow, and ourselves.

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