1 min readAre we passing on our biases to robots?

When it comes to computers, garbage in, garbage out.

In this article for Medium, Tessa Love looks at a number of studies that illustrate humans discriminating against robots based on known gender and racial biases.

Why It Matters

While it is true that robots have to emotions (not yet,anyway), the way we treat and regard them speaks a lot about who we are as people.

When we think that male-designed robots can be better as security guards, and female-designed robots are better at cleaning, we are not judging them based on capacity, but rather, on what we think they are.

It is an indication that despite all the knowledge that humanity has acquired, there are still a number of us who hasn’t grown up in this knowledge. Though we don’t know how many these people are, we also have to consider why they are still stuck in this old, discriminatory kind of thinking? Shouldn’t we be addressing that first before we begin creating robots and AI that can overtake human kind

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