1 min readAn interview with Mario Beauregard: The world is an undivided whole

Neuroscientist Mario Beauregard stresses that there are higher truths, and our brains act only as an intermediary.

In this interview, Richard Martini and Mario Beauregard explores the various indications of postmaterialist science, as well as the various reserches pointing to this new emerging field. Beauregard also explains how he came to dedicate his life to the source of true consciousness, which, according to his study, lies outside of the brain structure. Other topics discussed in the interview includes the phenomenon of “suddenly knowing”, the brain as a filter to restrict access to other realms of reality, and the interconnected universe.

Implications for AI

Beauregard shows us that humans have in-built tools that will allow us to discover higher truths. He shows us that tmaterialist science is no more than a dogma, and a new period of science is dawning [read A New Scientific Revolution Is Already Here to gain a deeper understanding of postmaterialist science].

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