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1 min readWill AI escape our control and destroy us?

Meet Jann Tallin, the man who has founded (and funded) the numerous efforts at keeping Artificial Super Intelligence under control.

In this article published by Popular Science, we are introduced to Skype co-founder Jaan Tallin, and the various researches he funds to ensure that artificial super intelligence (ASI) could be brought to the world safely. Like Elon Musk, Tallin believes that we must approach ASI development with caution, as putting human-like characteristics in one machine without the necessary safety nets presents great danger for our civilizations.

Why It Matters

This article shows us that currently, there is no better way to contain artificial super intelligence but to NOT develop it until we discover how to align AI to human values. Governments remain oblivious to the call for AI regulation, content to leave the fate of their countries and people in the hands of businesses and private individuals like Tallin, Yudkowsky, and other researchers trying to resolve the alignment challenge.

Many countries are in fact, at the forefront of the race towards ASI, despite the number of programmers and tech experts already calling for breaks in the testing and implementation of disruptive technologies.

The danger is very real, and governments are not taking action. Should individual citizens rise up and force their governments to regulate? It seems like at this point in time, this is the best move. But in order for citizens to move towards this direction, they must realize that the danger is not just that super intelligent robots are coming to dominate us. They will, instead, change the whole course of world evolution.

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