1 min readWhy Philosophy is essential to create revolutions in scientific research

To create new breakthroughs in scientific research, Physicist Lee Smolin believes that scientists must again engage in philosophy.

American theoretical physicist Lee Smolin wrote this article in 2014 in response to various inquiries about why he bothers to have conversations with philosophers. According to Smolin, the revolutionary ideas of past scientists may be attributed to the way they think. As science becomes more advanced, scientists and researchers have become technologically adept but they have lost their capacity to dream and wonder [see the article Bewilderment: The Antidote To Scientific Reductionism to go deeper on this subject].

Implications for AI

The separation between the natural and human sciences has contributed to the dual definitions that plague society. Slowly, however, natural scientists are beginning to realize the intersection between the materialist approach of the natural sciences and the highly expository approach of the human sciences.

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