1 min readNew realism: A philosophy for the age of AI

Our capacity to ask and answer questions is proof that There is something in human beings that enable us to transcend the biological realm.

This article from the Edge is a transcript of a talk given by Markus Gabriel about New Realism – a new branch of philosophy that hopes to find the mid-point of what he calls brutal materialism and brutal idealism. For Gabriel, the hardest problem is knowing “…what to look for in the central nervous system that corresponds to the neural correlate of consciousness”. In this article, Gabriel also discusses the role that philosophy can play in the age of artificial intelligence and introduces to us the concept of non-transcendental empiricism.

Implications for AI

Awakening to various forms of knowledge also improves our understanding of what we know about what it means to be human. As the world changes, a cooperation between philosophy and science will enable us to distinguish between the events and processes in the life of humans that follow biological patterns, and the events and processes that don’t. It will enable us to clearly determine and appreciate the part of ourselves and our capacities that transcend the biological.

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