2 min readHere’s how you can push back against vaccine passports

The following article was published by the Children’s Health Defense on May 13, 2021. It tackles the issue of vaccine passports and offers suggestions on how citizens can push back.

The article opens by introducing IBM and the important role it played during the Holocaust. Through the punch cards and tabulating machines supplied by the company to the Third Reich, IBM helped identify and tabulate the Jews, which in turn led to their “expulsion from society, including the confiscation of their property, ghettoization, deportation and ultimately their extermination”.

The article goes on to explain what can happen once the Excelsior Pass, the IBM-developed vaccination passport for New York state. The author also summarizes recent development in legislation which signals the coming of a surveillance state.

The article ends with several suggestions on how citizens can fight back:

  1. Boycott businesses requiring the Excelsior Pass.
  2. Sign the petition against the implementation of the Excelsior Pass.
  3. Lobby state representatives.
  4. Make noise on social media.

Editor’s Note: Vaccination passports will not succeed if people do not allow mandatory vaccinations to happen. And as long as people are willing to fight for their right to make decisions for their own bodies, mandatory vaccination will not gain ground.

With the introduction of vaccine passports, the COVID crisis has entered into a realm that is beyond health. It has opened questions about data privacy and confidentiality of health records. And if you are aware of the transhumanist movement, then you know how powerful our health data are.

Here is a great article from Nicanor Perlas explaining why we should prevent mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports. Read Vaccines: Trojan Horses for Global Sterilization and Surveillance.

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