1 min readFei Fei Li and the quest to make AI better

Fei Fei Li has been working for years to bring more women and people of color to become builders of AI. This diversity in background among AI engineers, she believes, is necessary for AI to truly benefit humanity.

Unlike other AI engineers, Fei Fei Li, creator of ImageNet, believes that what matters in AI development is not the algorithm, but the people building it.

The experiences and belief systems of AI engineers will shape their creations, and ultimately determine whether AI will be used to complement human capacities, or replace humans together. While more and more AI engineers are seeking to develop technologies that will enable humans to live in a silicon body, Fei Fei Li continues to adhere to her principle of developing AI that focuses on helping the human experience. Researchers, she says, must engage in the humanities, and must learn to think like ethicists guided by principles over profits.

Though people with the same viewpoint as Fei Fei Li are becoming extinct in the tech world, it gives us hope for the future. If complemented with support from consumers, then perhaps the struggle to humanize AI may win after all.

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