1 min readA philosophy for our time

What is information, and why is it important for our modern world? How will our definition and understanding of information help us understand who we are as human beings?

There is a need to change the focus of philosophy from questions about origins, to questions of meanings. According to Luciano Floridi, professor of philosophy and ethics of information at the University of Oxford, we need to recognize that information, in this age of the internet, is a concept as fundamental as beingness, knowledge, life, meaning, life, and death. Our current philosophy must be redesigned so that we can begin to have a common level of abstraction by which we can truly measure what information is, how it is processed and produced, and how its structure can define our view of the world.

Implications for AI

A new philosophy for our time requires us to clarify basic concepts we use to understand the world. In a way, it is asking us to find our commonalities so that we may begin to understand who we are as human beings through creating common definitions of the societies, technologies, and information we have created.

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