1 min readWhat is Wi-Fi 6 and why does it matter?

As the rest of the world is preparing for the arrival of 5G, Wi-Fi capability of devices are expected to improve in 2019.

With Wi-Fi 6, internet users can expect 4x to 10x the current speeds they are currently using – reaching up to 10Gbps. Transfer rates are also expected to increase so connection with Wi-Fi 6 are bound to be more stable at shorter distances.

Implication for AI

Improved speeds and latency will be beneficial as the Internet of Things becomes mainstream. Smart spaces will be enabled by this improved connectivity. Internet connection will also be more reliable, hence, one can connect even at a crowded restaurant or cafe. Of course, increased connectivity means more opportunities for companies to gather data, and more data means more input for machine learning.

Questions to Ponder Upon

  • Aside from the mentioned impact on the privacy of our data, what are the other possible implications of Wi-Fi 6?
  • What is the connection between Wi-Fi 6 and 5G?

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