1 min readIs free will an illusion?

Reductionist thinking contradicts itself. Read this article to know why.

In this article, Dr. Michael Egnor responds to an article written by physicist Sabine Hossenfelder which posits that free will is an illusion. Using the same reasoning employed by materialists, Egnor destroys Hossenfelder’s logic, and shows the ultimate flaw of reductionist thinking.

Implications for AI

Materialists argue that humans are nothing more that robots with flesh, that our existence on this earth has no purpose. Why then do they wish to extend their lives, if there is no ultimate meaning to it? Why would they choose to eradicate death if their entire existence has already been predetermined by their physical makeup? Did they think that they can change who and what they are by creating a physical existence that is made up of a different material?

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