1 min readAI and its implications to national security

This 2017 research conducted by the Belfer Center Study for Science and International Affairs explores the potential applications of artificial warfare, and discusses possible impacts for consideration.

Some Important Highlights

  • Progress in AI technologies in the past five years has been faster than previously anticipated.
  • Such progress will continue and accelerate as new developments in computing software and hardware are released.
  • Funding for AI is coming from the private sector, and hence, its products are unregulated.
  • Exisiting AI technologies out in the market has implications to national security.
  • AI has the potential to be used in national security and may be as powerful as (if not more than) nuclear weapons and biotechnology.
  • Progress in AI will lead to military superiority, information superiority, and economic superiority. Such dominance is not limited to already developed countries. In fact, the report is expecting the entrance of new actors from the developing world.
  • Arm races through AI is unavoidable, and voluntary restraint of parties may be impossible.

Why It Matters

Many countries are already investing in AI, and though most of them cite economic values as their rationale, how sure are we that the applications for AI will solely be for commercial use? 

It is clear from this report that AI will change the way countries defend themselves, what exactly does it mean for citizen rights and privacy?

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