2 min readWhat technologies will be released this 2018?

In this new report released by the Future Today Institute (FTI) forecasts what emerging technology will be released this 2018, as well as the transformations, and disruptions it might cause. The forecast for this year includes artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, space travel, biotechnology, and green energy. This 2018,  FTI expects that these emerging technologies will enter the mainstream, and will transform daily living as we know it.

FTI believes that smartphones will completely be overhauled, and we will soon be using wearable technologies that can be controlled using touch, gesture and voice. The next decade will be marked with greater connectivity, and cloud computing.

Perhaps the most important takeaways of the report for 2018 are the following:

  • the environment around AI will be “flooded with capital, hungry for commercial applications, and yet polluted with widespread, misplaced optimism, and fear.
  • increased infringements in cybersecurity and intellectual property.
  • implementation of stricter government policies on internet access, which could lead to the creation of “splinternets”.
  • China may finally make a breakthrough discovery in the fields of AI, space exploration, genome editing, green technologies, and smart farming.

FTI says that its predictions for AI has a high degree of certainty, and it is crucial, more than ever, for leaders in private companies and governments to take action in connection to the possible impact of technology. As disruptive technologies are coming ever closer, what is done today can have a tremendous impact on how technology will be developed and utilized in the future.

The top three(3) trends in the AI enterprise include the following:

  • Cloud  servers will begin to offer off-the-shelf AI software so that startups can begin to make use of these technology in order to support their operations, and increase their bottom-line.
  • Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Alphabet will release proprietary AI language that can be used for programming
  • New kinds of chipsets will be developed and released massively. These chipsets are optimized for AI and will be ready for various AI applications.

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