1 min readGartner predicts 2018 outlook for AI

In this latest report from Gartner Inc., it states that 2018 will be the beginning of the democratization of AI, hence the need for companies to start preparing for the impact of this technology.

Some important highlights

  • By 2020, 20% of all citizens in developed countries will be using AI assistants for daily and work tasks.
  • By 2020, AI’s capacity to create fake content will outpace AI’s capacity to detect it.
  • By 2022, people in mature economies will consume more fake content than true information.
  • AI today refers to systems that can change behavior without being programmed. Such changes are based on data collected and the results of analysis.

Why it matters

Almost all companies today are preparing to integrate AI in their systems. If content continues to be the king of digital marketing, how can fake content affect businesses? How can this possibility impact our societies and personal interactions?

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