1 min readTaking the internet back from tech giants

Tim Berners-Lee, honored as the inventor of the World Wide Web, is not happy with the way giant tech companies such as Facebook and Google are dominating the internet. He is now taking concrete action to enable internet users to take control of their own data.

Implications for AI

Honored as the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee has always wanted information to be freely available to all. In the early days of the technology, he made his ideas available freely, with no royalties due. But the internet has changed so much since it was first conceived, and Berners-Lee is not happy with the direction it is taking. For one, our personal information has become ransom to our capability to access information through search engines.

Through the new technology called Solid, Berners-Lee hopes to re-democratize the internet, enabling individuals to have control over their data without compromising the technology’s utility. This move from the World Wide Web’s inventor sends a message that data mining is not okay, and internet users must hold the government and tech companies accountable to the protection and security of each one person’s data.

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