AI: Overview and Worldview

We have taken a phenomenological approach to the AI challenge to humanity. We cluster the articles into specific topics that answer key questions that are usual raised when this issue comes out in the public. See the different categories of this website.

In the Overview, this is a cross-category topic. It can speak about the benefits and risks of AI, when it will be coming, developments in hardware, software and applications to fuel the coming of Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (ASI), human-level Artificial General Intelligence or AGI, and then Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). Even at the level of ASI, there will already be a lot of challenges for humanity as work processes are automated and millions of workers will be out of jobs.

In the Worldview aspect, we examine the belief systems that drive the AI revolution. There are different variations of these worldview, from transhumanism, the most popular (or as others call it, the extinctionists) to the latest ideology: dataism.

But there is one underlying worldview that animates them all: materialism, the belief that all reality is reducible to matter and than humans are simply complex biological machines that can be redesigned and altered in a mechanical and digital manner.

This worldview of materialism will be examined more closely in the section of “Being Truly Human” where to understand what it means to be human is, at the same time, to encounter a much broader view of reality that is also a spiritual one. These are the worldview that will clash horns as the entire planet gears up either for Utopia or Armageddon or a combination of both.