The philosophy behind AI research

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is no longer a topic for sci-fi books and movies, it is slowly becoming a mainstream movement. This 2017 article from New Atlas looks at the various aspects of...

Transhumanism: Immortality for those who can afford it

How transhumanism could lead to immortality for the eliteA researcher at the University of East London warns that enhancing humans could lead to a scenario where masses of people are...

Understanding biotechnology

Biotechnology, Democracy, and Revolution | Institute for Social EcologyBiotechnology is a question of power. It is a question about the power to decide what kind of technologies a society will...

With mind uploading, there is no need for religion

Mind Uploading Will Replace the Need for ReligionOnce we upload our minds, our perfected digital avatars will replace any need for spirituality.