1 min readCould “Neven’s Law” lead to Google’s quantum supremacy

Moore’s law is coming to an end. Does Neven’s law mark the beginning of a new era of computers?

Ordinary computer chips may continue to improve [read Researchers Take a Step Towards Better Computers With New Light-Based Microchip], but Moore’s law is ending. Quantum computers are catching up, and they are doing so at a doubly exponential rate. Hartmut Neven, director of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab calls this the “Neven’s Law”, a new rule that describes how quickly quantum computers are gaining on classical ones.

If Neven’s Law plays out, then quantum computing will be here in under a year. See articles on quantum computing [How Quantum Computers Will Change The World, Quantum Computing Will Change The Entire Internet, AI Can Reach An Entirely New Level With Quantum Computing] to understand the significance of this event].

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